Second edition of the festival July 12-14 2024

Piotr Adam Micygiewicz – HOW TO BEFRIEND A DOG?

A workshop with a certified dog therapist where we will establish the rules of contact with the dog, learn basic principles of establishing contact, and understand how to care for the dog's needs. We will learn how to build a relationship with the dog based on respect and trust. We also welcome individuals who, are afraid of dogs.

Mateusz Poterański - Together in Motion - Workshops for Parents with Children

Join us for games and activities that foster connection, built on trust, and strengthen the bond between parents and children. Get ready for a journey of learning cooperation, exercising creativity, spatial imagination, and, of course, barrels of laughter.

Agata Pajtasz - Summer Festival Jewelry – workshop for children

Ignite your imagination, unleash cosmic energy, and create a summer festival look with me. Preserve the wonderful emotions and energy for the entire summer. Workshops on making airy jewelry are a perfect way to create your own original stylings. Using feathers, beads, cords, ribbons, and other colorful accessories, we will create items such as a headband and an arm cuff during the workshop. Each participant will receive a set to make jewelry. After the workshop, each participant will take home their own jewelry.

Karolina Pośpiech i Tomasz Mełech - Acro Yoga for Children and Adults

The Acro Yoga workshop for children and adults offers more than just an opportunity to learn the basics of this fascinating practice; it's also about shared fun and integration. The sessions will help build trust between partners and facilitate open communication. Specially designed exercises for beginners will provide an easy introduction to acro yoga techniques while allowing everyone to discover their own capabilities.

Alicja Kośmińska - Sensory Art.

Sensory play influences the stimulation of all senses and optimal development of the entire organism. By stimulating receptors, we influence the development of neural connections in the brain. The more of these connections there are, the "easier" it is for us to think, and the smoother the processes of analysis and synthesis in the mind, both for young children and adults. Sensory materials are created from safe food-grade items.

Mateusz Poterański - Circus Workshops

For both younger and older children, a journey of movement and spatial exploration awaits. This workshop focuses on enhancing coordination, fostering body awareness, and exercising imagination. Led through social circus methods, the activities include group work, games, and a lot of laughter.

Minimum age to participate: 6 years old
Maximum age: No limit 😁