Second edition of the festival July 12-14 2024


The Sounds Of Veritas Festival is an extraordinary event. It is the first consciousness festival in Poland with a charitable character, and it is free of charge.

We believe in helping through inspiration, creating opportunities for development, and accompanying in the discovery of oneself and one's potential.

We invite you to collectively experience the beautiful sounds of music, as well as getting to know yourself and exploring new perspectives during enriching workshops and valuable lectures. We will come together in a safe, friendly, and inspiring atmosphere. We will spend this wonderful time in a place surrounded by nature and with full respect for it.

By expanding awareness and experiencing the new, we help each other live life to the fullest, build better relationships, and create a more sustainable world.

We believe that each of us is a miracle, so we invite you to embrace mindfulness and take care of our bodies, minds, and spirits.



The music stage is the heart of the festival, the place where concerts by artists from around the world take place, presenting various musical styles. Music serves as a medium for expressing emotions and inspiration.


The workshop zone is a space for diverse workshops focused on personal development, mindfulness, and creativity. It's an experiential zone that assists participants in expanding their awareness of their own body, mind, and spirit, as well as discovering new ways of expressing themselves and communicating with the environment.

  • Nessi Gomes – Vocal Odyssey
  • Agnieszka Bogusz and Dawid Sienkiewicz -  Honest Argument in a Relationship
  • Dariusz Sobiecki – Kundalini Yoga
  • Piotr Adam Micygiewicz – EMOTIONS... or maybe FRIENDSHIP?
  • Kamila Smolińska - Vinyasa Yoga
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The space for children is a safe and creative area for the youngest ones, promoting their emotional and social development through play and educational activities.

  • Piotr Adam Micygiewicz  - How to befriend a dog?
  • Agata Pajtasz - Summer Festival Jewelry
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The lecture zone is a space of inspiration and new perspectives. It is a place where experts share knowledge and experience, helping to broaden horizons and discover new ways of living life to the fullest.

  • Emilia van Wijngaarden – Adaptogenic Mushrooms in Practice - Comprehensive Well-being Improvement
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Healthy food and beverages supporting the idea of caring for the body and mind through nutrition.

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The exhibitors' zone is a meeting place with creators showcasing their products and services. It is a space for building new relationships, exchanging experiences, and seeking inspiration.

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We want the festival to be accessible to everyone, so the event is entirely free of charge. There will be a fundraising initiative during the festival, and the proceeds will go towards the activities of the Veritas Foundation project: Sounds of Veritas. This project is aimed at young people interested in various aspects of music and its production, whose life or financial situation may hinder the pursuit of their passion.


The first edition of our festival turned out to be a tremendous success, all thanks to you! Thank you for your presence, involvement, and a huge dose of energy. Soon, we're launching the 2nd edition of our festival, featuring:

  • even more extraordinary musical discoveries,
  • powerful workshops supporting personal development,
  • lectures on development, health, and simply being mindful here and now 🤍

Unfortunately, we can no longer share the magical sounds, scents, and colors of the 1st edition with you. However, we have hundreds of beautiful shots capturing this event! Take a journey back to the 1st edition of the Sounds Of Veritas Festival and see how we celebrated those moments.


The Veritas Foundation is a collective of individuals who believe in the power of change starting from within ourselves. Our journey involves not only self-discovery but also active support and assistance to others. We are companions in the process of self-awareness and self-development, aiming for a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

At the Veritas Foundation, we operate with the belief that each of us has something valuable to offer. Our team consists of individuals who share their knowledge, experience, and passion to inspire others to explore their own life paths. Together, we build a community where everyone is important, valuable, and sufficient just as they are.