Second edition of the festival July 12-14 2024


The project by duo Dr. Karolina Kubas (Chinese Medicine & Heart Alchemy) and Grzegorz Ognios Zielonko (Human Design & Sound Therapy) offers consultations and meetings to explore self-awareness through Human Design and Chinese medicine consultations and treatments, including acupuncture.


RajskieTajskie is a store born out of a passion for travel and a desire to share what the owners find fascinating. They are confident that their clothing will appeal especially to those who find inspiration in other cultures. It's also an ideal choice for individuals who express their identity through unique attire.

The Inner Travel Academy

The Inner Travel Academy is a support space for your inner journey where, in the harmony of Heart and Mind, you can experience the adventure of self-discovery. You'll explore your feelings, needs, beliefs to release, and forgiveness aspects. The academy provides practical and effective methods for this journey.

Abart Bodypainting - Face and Body Painting in a Completely New Artistic Perspective!

Join us for a unique artistic experience where age is no barrier! For children, we offer unicorns and tigers in a new rendition, while adults can indulge in festival-themed body painting.

Palo Santo Cafe

Palo Santo Caffe - Born out of Love for the Café Atmosphere, Consciousness Development, Plant Wisdom, and Human Connection. More than just a café, Palo Santo Caffe at the festival offers you the experience of ceremonial cacao for opening the heart and energizing dance, tranquilizing kava kava, encounters with extraordinary art, incense, and magical objects.

Baubo Jewelry

Jewelry full of power, adorning more than just the body. In my offer you will find necklaces, earrings, rings. The materials they are made of are: copper, brass, alpaca, gemstones.


Schmuck voller Kraft, der mehr als nur den Körper schmückt. In meinem Angebot finden Sie Halsketten, Ohrringe, Ringe. Die Materialien, aus denen sie hergestellt sind, sind: Kupfer, Messing, Alpaka, Edelsteine.


Boho jewellery - hair and shoulder braids with feathers, colorful threads, and beads, hair clips, necklaces, as well as forests in a jar.

Massage and Reha

A place created for you to relax and find peace for a moment. We offer services such as therapeutic and relaxation massages, targeting specific parts or the entire body, reducing overall tension and physical and emotional discomfort. Welcome to the hands of physiotherapist Ilona and naturopath/masseuse Ania.

Lime Kiln

Lime Kiln Gentle Stone in Stara Morawa presents to you a series of original artistic typographies executed in our own graphic workshops within the historical premises using relief printing techniques. In connection with the Japanese garden located at Lime Kiln, individually printed artistic typographies will also be commissioned for you upon request, featuring selected names using original Japanese kanji characters in woodcut technique. Artwork can be collected directly at the festival, personally at Lime Kiln, or via shipping."


DRUM MARKER Wiktor Golc I started making Djembe drums in Poland as the first person and using them in my band Roots Drums Band PAPADRAM, which contributed to the great popularity of this instrument in the country. I was particularly drawn to ethnic drums made from a single piece of wood, i.e., the entire trunk. I don't cut down trees for the drums I make! I search for suitable material after storms, floods, and rescue wood from being cut into firewood, which is suitable for instruments. I make everything completely by hand with great precision. I invite you to discover and enjoy the beautiful range of mystical sounds of my instruments.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria is a story of passion for nature and the pursuit of harmony between humans and the environment. Our fabrics are made from the highest quality hemp fibers, which are not only exceptionally durable but also incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Hemp elixir is produced from the highest quality hemp, which is nurtured with attention to every detail and then carefully processed, much like grapes in the wine production process. At our stand, you will also find CBD and CBG oils as well as hemp flowers.

Yoniversal Care

Yoniversal Care In 2017, the most beautiful, natural, herbal oils for intimate care and breast massage were created for you. Developed by a phytotherapist specializing in herbal medicine and breast and vaginal care. They will lead you on a path of conscious, sensitive care and celebration of your femininity.

On the Board

Hi, I'm Kamila and I create wooden jewelry - hand-painted, decorated with pyrography, and laser engraved. You'll find here a whole floral meadow, forest and animal motifs, juicy colors, and bold shapes. See you soon!

Enchanted Cottage

Enchanted Cottage Handcrafted artistic jewelry for women and men featuring animal, plant, and ethnic motifs. Each piece is a unique, singular specimen.


Bosagira Handcraft. Products made entirely by hand from natural leather.

Whisperer Kasia

I am Kasia and I am interested in the healing power of nature. Natural medicine is absolutely fascinating to me. I make ointments from hand-picked herbs according to traditional Old Slavic recipes.