Second edition of the festival July 12-14 2024

Nessi Gomes – Vocal Odyssey

Vocal Odyssey is an invitation to sing, give sound, express your voice, play, explore, and awaken different dimensions of our vocal expression. It aims to reconnect with our inner emotional landscape, feelings that may have been silenced and buried for too long. When we discover that singing or sound can provide a safe path to release suppressed aspects of our voice, the power, healing, and vitality expressed can be truly profound and transformative.

Andrzej Hrycaj - The Alchemy of Breath

Allow yourself to experience what it's like to be breathed by life and to let life breathe within you. We will explore the secrets of breath, one of the three pillars of the Wim Hof method. Practically, we will learn how to influence neurobiological parameters in our bodies, boost immunity, enhance stress response, and access deeper reservoirs that hold profound experiences. Breath, as a connection to my authentic power, a place of contact with oneself and the world on the mandala of life.

Dariusz Sobiecki – Kundalini Yoga

Darek Sobiecki is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher in Kundalini Yoga (traditional transmission) and Hatha Yoga. He completed the 3HO certified Kundalini Yoga - Aquarian Teacher (Level I) training and is currently in the process of Level II training. He currently teaches at yoga schools in Wrocław: Fabryka Energii Centrum Jogi, Studio Jogi Drzewo Życia. He is a teacher at SAT NAM – a club led by Aga Bera. In 2021, his debut book "Energioobieg" (under the pseudonym Dariusz Konon) was published, conveying the main message that whatever we say, think, do, feel – has an energetic impact on our lives, and the foundation of our happiness is self-love.

Agnieszka Bogusz and Dawid Sienkiewicz - Honest Disagreement in a Relationship

During the meeting, we will get to know and discuss the most common defense mechanisms seen in conflict situations in couples, gender differences, and resulting communication blocks. We will learn emotion regulation techniques helpful in conflicts and tools facilitating understanding, helping to better understand our own emotional patterns and those of your partner. We will find out how to understand difficulties in mutual communication, get closer to each other, strengthen the emotional and sexual bond connecting you, and feel safer in your relationship.

Kamila Smolińska - Vinyasa Yoga

During the class, we will seek gentleness in movement, relaxation, calmness, and the ability to let go. There will be strengthening and more intense body work. At the end of the session, there will be relaxation and a gentle sound bath.

Piotr Adam Micygiewicz - EMOTIONS... or maybe FRIENDSHIP?

By releasing emotions and unsupportive-blocking beliefs, you can free yourself from limiting constraints that sabotage your life. You release yourself from the "prison" of resentment or guilt about what happened in your past or worrying about the future. Since released emotions are now supportive, you can talk to them, and even befriend them.

Patryk Kmieć - Journey with Drums

A workshop on working with the medicine of the drum and rhythm. The drum is a magical tool, a living being that possesses a soul. Rhythmic, steady drumming causes a change in human consciousness, where the body and mind are charged with the vibration of sounds resembling heartbeats. This method of drumming is still used today by shamans in many indigenous cultures to induce trance and undertake inner journeys aimed at restoring health and mental balance. By beating a steady rhythm, we synchronize with the drum's vibration at the heart level, affecting and altering brain waves to Theta. Prepare an intention for the workshop, a deep journey awaits you.